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Capra 1/10 pipe frame climbing car aluminum alloy CNC integrated partial egg door axle
  • front axle silver
  • front axle greey
  • front axle black
  • rear axle silver
  • rear axle greey
  • rear axle black
1/10 front and rear axles
  • silver
  • black
  • charcoal gray
  • separate front axle silver
  • separate front axle black
  • separate front axle charcoal gray
1/10 RC climbing car accessories metal front and rear axle assembly without differential
  • Upgraded D90 rear axle
  • Upgraded D90 front axle
  • Upgraded D90 front and rear axles
Vitavon Losi LMT monster monster truck straight axle 7075 CNC front and rear axle housing steering cup
Regular price$335.00$15.00
  • blue
  • black
  • green
  • silver
  • Tie rod silver
  • Tie rod bule
  • Tie rod green
  • Tie rod black
  • steering cupbule
  • steering cupblack
  • steering cupgreen
  • steering cupsilver
  • steering rodbule
  • steering rodblack
  • steering rod green
  • steering rodsilver
  • anti roll bar silver
  • anti roll bar black

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